Do you know about these 8 unique and unexpected benefits of rest room trailers?

Published: June 16, 2020
8 Benefits Restroom Trailers

Who doesn’t like VIP treatment, especially at places and times where they least expect it?!? And one of these places is none other than public events and venues.

Most people usually attend events expecting standard porta potties when they need to use the restroom. While they are convenient, they can get uncomfortable and cumbersome with kids around. Besides, winter use isn’t so easy with its cold interiors and water.

However, you can do something unique and give them a treat that overcomes all these flaws. Yes, why don’t you spike up your venue by using something more glamorous like restroom trailers in it, instead of using standard portable potties?

What are rest room trailers?

Unfortunately, while the bathroom is usually the most used and required area at an event; it’s also often the most overlooked. Not many people do much planning about it, and it’s usually remembered at the last moment. And what happens is that you end up hiring standard porta potties for your guests.

However, why don’t you use something unique that will create a lasting impression on your guests at this event? Why not think if hiring restroom trailers at your venue for your next event?

Your guests will remember your deluxe rest room trailers for the many benefits and facilities it offers. For example, standard port potties are single, standalone units where multiple units are usually set in a row.

However, restroom trailers comprise of a single unit with individual restroom stalls, generally with independent entrances. They boast of these various other features, giving you even more reason to consider renting them while planning for your event.

1. Sufficient running water

Guests can now properly was their hands thanks to the hot or cold water sinks in the trailers. They no longer feel ‘unclean’ when they leave them, and there are also some units with host amenities.

Examples of the types of amenities you can expect are granite countertops, motion-activated faucets, and decorative vanities.

2. Brightly lit interiors

Guests can easily navigate through the trailer even in the evening hours, thanks to its brightly lit interiors. The strategically placed interior and exterior lighting not only illuminates well but also creates a serene atmosphere.

3. Climate control surroundings

Many of you may not know that rest room trailers are actually climate controlled! Yes, they traditionally come standard with air conditioning and heating elements. So it gives your guests much wanted instant relief and comfort in the sweltering summer heat and cold winter months.

4. Minimal waiting in lines

Your guests can get tired and uncomfortable waiting in line to use the restroom, especially when there’s an urgent call. This is where restroom trailers come in helpful.

It’s so much easier to control lines if you have them at your event. Why? It’s because of its multiple stalls and interior cabins. The individual entry and exit points are also a plus point. It offers easy accessibility with minimal wait time.

5. Family-friendly

Restroom trips are no longer stressful for families. Why? Well, they no longer have to worry about where to leave small children while attending to nature’s call.

It’s because the trailers are much bigger than standard porta-potties, with more than enough space to accomodate children too.

6. Flushable toilets

One of the biggest reasons for the increased popularity in restroom trailers is its conventional plumbing system. It operates so much like your home restroom, all thanks to the continuous fresh water for each flush. It in the process, discreetly removes waste, to have a clean toilet waiting for the next visitor.

7. Reduced odor

Restroom trailers practice effective odor elimination, all thanks to advanced chemical and mechanical engineering. Its modern plumbing and high-efficiency exhaust systems quickly expel and trap odors into the waste tank bellies till the event is over. It thus helps with odor elimination.

8. Comfortable winter use

Porta potty using no longer has to be brisk with restroom trailers around. Its insulated interiors, climate control features, and hot water together give guests a warm and welcoming experience in the restroom.

So how about you too creating a good impression on your guests at your next event? The first impression is the best. Providing luxury amenities at the venue will be something your guests will remember for some time to come.

Just make sure you make your bookings early to ensure you get your rest room trailers and don’t end up stuck with simple porta jons.

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