Eight porta potty rental myths you shouldn’t believe

Published: September 15, 2020
Eight Porta Potty Rental Myths

You may know that portable toilets are necessary for areas where there are lots of people, and there are no restrooms available. However, you are not sure about renting them because you have heard so many negative remarks about them.

Well, the negative remarks are general myths surrounding porta potty rentals.

It’s time you know the truth so that you will stop believing these porta potty rental myths.

Myth no.1: Portable toilets don’t look well in all events

This may be the most common misconception you have heard about porta-potties. And it’s partly true, if you are talking about the standard blue boxes popularly used in fairs and festivals.

The good news is that these boxes are not the only option you have.

There are also many luxury porta-potty rentals available like portable restroom trailers. They may be a bit more expensive, but the looks are worth it.

Myth no.2: Portable toilets are usually filthy

This is not true. Most porta potty rental companies wash and sanitize each unit before sending it out for use. They in fact have to do it.

It’s because the company will want to create a good impression, so that you refer and use them again in future events.

So they will take the extra effort in providing your event with clean and well-cared units. Besides, these porta potties are easily cleaned and need minimal maintenance once onsite.

Myth no.3: Portable toilets tend to emit a foul smell

This is one practically true myth.

It’s because there is a chance of the porta-potty emitting foul odours if it’s not cleaned correctly. That’s why you must make arrangements for the company to empty and clean the units as often as required.

You can also reduce the smell by renting porta potties with vents. They help ensure heat and odors are not an issue with the restrooms.

Myth no.4: Your hands remain dirty because porta potties don’t have sinks

This is not true.

Most porta-potty rentals also provide portable hand washing units. You may as well rent a few units to use around your venue.

Some companies even install and stock each unit with hand sanitizer dispensers for added hygiene.

There are also the more luxurious restroom trailers that come with sinks, running water and soap. It’s left to you to rent the appropriate equipment so that you don’t hear dirty hand complaints from guests!

Myth no.5: Porta potties do not complement formal events

Once again, it may stand true with standard portable toilets, which may not look good in formal events. Most portable toilet rental companies now know the demand for toilets at formal occasions. And that it should blend with it too.

That’s why you now have restroom trailers explicitly meant for them. These trailers generally come with flush toilets and amenities like mirrors, hand sanitizers, and running water.

Myth no.6: Portable potties are meant for use in only large events

Most people assume that portable potties are meant to use only in large events like music concerts and fairs. However, it’s not true. Nothing is stopping you from using them in much smaller events and places.

It’s not only events; there are other reasons to rent portable restrooms.

They are useful in construction sites. It also helps increase productivity because workers don’t have to leave the premises to use restrooms.

They can also be used in places where the regular indoor bathroom facilities need repairs. They also prove useful during backyard barbecues and weddings.

Myth no.7: One portable toilet is more than enough

This isn’t true because it depends on the venue size and the size of the crowd. One toilet may be enough for small events, as long as there aren’t many people visiting the place. If there are quite a few people or if it’s a huge venue, then it’s better to rent multiple units.

It’s much better than making your guests wait in line to use it!

The general rule of thumb is to have one porta potty for every ten guests. You can accordingly plan and decide on how many units you need at your venue.

Myth no.8: Portable potties are not environment-friendly.

No, it’s not true.

Most portable restroom companies are well versed and competent with waste management. They find it much easier to keep portable toilets clean and sanitary using eco-friendly methods.

Now that you know the truth behind these eight porta potty rental myths, you can stop believing them and consider renting them!

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