7 Factors You Cannot Forget While Selecting Your Portable Restroom Rental

Published: June 6, 2022

Imagine attending a function and having a sudden urge to answer nature’s call, and there is no facility around? Or imagine a construction site where workers have to walk miles searching for a bathroom? What an overwhelming situation it could be!

However, companies providing portable restroom rentals can help avoid such an inconvenience. They offer various portable bathrooms for you to select as per your requirements. 

For example, choose based on whether you need it for guests, workers, event attendees, family members, etc.

Besides, bathroom rentals have evolved to be more sophisticated than before in this modern era. They now have proper flooring, running water, a sink, lights, and heaters. Also, they are weather-resistant and are convenient to transport from one place to another. 

These bathrooms are the go-to option for any outdoor event, and it is pretty easy to select them for any occasion. However, there are certain factors you should focus on before choosing a bathroom rental.

7 Factors to remember while selecting your portable restroom rental

With so many options and features available in restrooms, it sometimes becomes challenging to choose a restroom. But you need not worry! Here we have curated a list of seven factors you should remember while selecting portable bathrooms:

#1. Cost of restroom rentals

The cost of restroom rentals differs from one company to another. Therefore it would be wise to collect quotes from different companies, compare the prices and select according to your budget.

But before getting the quotes, be specific about your requirements to get accurate rates. For example, you will need to specify the following:

  • How long you require it
  • The expected crowd
  • Individual or company’s name
  • Date of event
  • Delivery /pickup time
  • Address
  • Rental company’s contact number

Moreover, you should know what facilities you are getting for the price you paid for rental bathrooms; else, it will create chaos.

#2. Hygiene

Generally, people don’t want to use dirty and unhygienic portable bathrooms. So make sure to ask the company what cleaning services they provide. For example, if they will be available all the time? Will they restock the toilet paper?

Cleaning and restocking are the only two ways to ensure proper hygiene maintenance in the bathroom. So ask beforehand if they do this to avoid any inconvenience later.

#3. Setup

Setting up these bathrooms takes time because of their larger size and weight. The setup will vary according to the type of event. So you need to ensure proper setup and execution of these bathrooms.

Also, ensure that you rent these restrooms from a reputed company that can efficiently handle the sanitation needs. They can also solve issues like uneven ground, positioning of bathrooms, delivery, setting up, and disassembling restrooms.

#4. Emergency Service 

The events are mainly organized at night, over the weekends, or during holidays. You, therefore, need to talk to the company about their response time in case of an emergency. Also, ask them if a ‘one-to-one customer relationship manager would be available in such a situation.

#5. Discuss your needs

It is essential to discuss your requirements with the rental company to avoid later inconvenience. For example, the company should know the number of attendees, the type of event, etc., to provide suitable restrooms.

Here is a list of factors that influence the number of portable restrooms you require:

  • Number of attendees
  • Type of event
  • Duration of event
  • Weather
  • Different types of available bathrooms
  • Hygiene/ cleanliness
  • Placement of these bathrooms

#6. Type of restroom 

Apart from basic facilities like lighting, hand washing, and sanitizing stations, companies also provide additional facilities. These include wooden floors, extra space, etc. You can avail of these facilities by paying additional charges per the requirements. 

#7. Location of portable restroom rental

Select an appropriate location for your bathroom rentals and ensure the company takes accurate measurements of the place. It will help to decide on the exact number of restrooms required.

Also, check if the ground is level for proper placement of the bathrooms. Moreover, the restrooms should be away from the event to avoid unpleasant odors. 

Additionally, keeping them in multiple locations provides better access to the users. A well-lit area ensures the safety of the attendees and reduces the possibility of accidents.

Thus, portable restroom rentals are the best choice for the event, construction sites, family get-togethers, parties, etc. You can select them as per your needs and budget. 

So next time you host an event, organize a party, or have a construction project, keep these seven factors in mind while selecting your portable bathrooms.

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