Published: May 4, 2022

Are you organizing a sports event or a business meeting and concerned about providing required toilet services?

Are you thinking of hiring porta-potty rentals but are too shy to clear your doubt regarding their usage? 

If yes, do not worry; we got you.

Here we have created a complete guide on porta potty rental and how to use them. Read on to clear all your qualms regarding their use:

What is that blue liquid in these toilets?

The blue liquid you see in these toilets used to be a formaldehyde solution. But the state government has banned it due to its carcinogenic nature. 

So instead, the companies use a fragrance mixture, a blue dye, and chemical biocides that destroy poop bacteria. This solution is eco-friendly, and the companies optimize it according to the weather conditions.

For example, the solution is added with anti-freezing material like salt during winters to prevent the mixture from freezing inside the tank. Similarly, the blue liquid is strong enough to withstand hot temperatures in hot weather conditions.

Can you use these potty rentals to poop?

Of course, you can use them to poop, as porta-potties provide pee and poo relief. So if you are attending an outdoor event, you don’t need to worry about relieving yourself as you can conveniently use the potty rentals.

What happens to the collected waste?

All the waste deposited in these portable toilets is pumped out in special trucks. And these trucks directly deliver the waste to the wastewater treatment plants.

Are these porta-potty rentals hygienic?

It is unfair to expect public toilets to be hygienic, primarily when many people use them. The companies leave no stone unturned to keep the potty rentals clean. 

But it still is the responsibility of people to practice cleanliness and sanitize their hands, especially if they are using public toilets.

What if porta-potty rentals tip over?

Yes, the porta-potties can tip over but not when you are inside and using them. They may tip over only in extreme weather conditions like storms or heavy winds or if the toilets are unoccupied or vacant. 

In normal conditions, they are highly convenient and safe to use.

What if you fall into porta-potty rentals?

An adult can never fall in porta tanks, but your belongings can. For example, wallets, phones, makeup accessories, etc., may accidentally slip and swim in the blue liquid.

How often are they cleaned?

The cleaning of porta potty rentals depends upon their location. For example, honey buckets in parks or trails require less cleaning owing to their minimum use. 

But these toilets are also used for single-day events. It may be weddings, sports events or parties, business get-togethers, and fundraising events. In such cases, these toilets are serviced before and after the event.

Advantages of using porta-potty rentals

If you are organizing an outdoor event, you should opt for rental toilets to save yourself from the unnecessary hassles of cleaning and dumping waste. These five advantages of using potty rentals will help you realize better hiring porta potties than building outdoor toilets.


It is cheaper to rent porta potties for one-time use at an event than to construct outdoor toilets. Besides, you also have to spend money to get permits to build toilets in public areas.


Setting up these portable toilets during outdoor events like golf or business events is convenient for guests. With these toilets nearby they don’t have to stand in long queues or walk far to relieve themselves.

Easy usage

These portable toilets fit the requirements of all the guests. For example, there are porta-potties with special arrangements like railings and ramps for disabled people. Moreover, they have portable sinks and flushable toilets for additional convenience.

Proper sanitation 

The porta potty rental services effectively handle tedious cleanup and ensure proper waste removal. Also, they are responsible for transporting the waste to the treatment plant or directly dumping it into the sewer system.

Water conservation

The most crucial advantage of porta potty rental is their use of chemicals to minimize the odor, and this saves gallons of water otherwise wasted flushing to remove odor.

Now you know everything about porta potty rental, their advantages, and how to use them. These toilets are hygienically safe and odorless and have become the mainstay of all outdoor events, thus saving you from construction hassles. So the next time you use them, you will be well versed in their use.

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