How to Keep a Porta Potty Clean in Four Easy Steps

Published: February 12, 2021
How to Keep a Porta Potty Clean

How to keep a porta potty clean? It is one of the most common issues when requesting the service of portable toilets for an event. That is why today we want to share with you some tips so that the bathrooms that are rented are kept clean.

If you are the one who is going to organize an event and you require the service of portable toilets, we will tell you about some points that should be considered so that the bathrooms are kept clean and not face any type of negative elements such as diseases or infections.

When you are going to organize and produce an event, especially if it is a large outdoor event, there is a theme that you must keep in mind. Portable toilets will be essential so that everything is as it should. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to keep them clean, but don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Follow These Steps and Learn How to Keep a Porta Potty Clean

When there is a congregation of people as large as in some shows or events, everyone has needs, and solutions and services must be provided in this regard. For this reason one of the best options for which you can choose is to place portable toilets so that attendees can use them when they need it.

Follow these four steps and learn how to keep a porta potty clean:

  1. Rent enough portable toilets for your event
  2. Strategically place portable toilets
  3. Make periodic reviews of all units
  4. Avoid the problem by calling an expert

Today’s portable toilets are made with the best materials, very hygienic and ecological, so there is no excuse for not installing them in the outdoor event you organize. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean them and that’s where you need to seriously consider this guide. In other posts we have taught you how to clean them, but today you will learn how to keep them fresh.

Rent Enough Portable Toilets for Your Event

Rent Enough Portable Toilets for Your Event

Attending an event where portable toilets are not enough is not the most appropriate for anyone, so it is recommended to have or order enough portable toilets so that everyone who attends the event can meet their basic needs.

The first step to keep portable toilets clean is precisely to have a considerable number of these toilets, in this way they will not become saturated, allowing a fairly fluid traffic of people and their use will be less than having only a few toilets.

Strategically Place Portable Toilets

Strategically Place Portable Toilets

When you already have the correct number of portable toilets, it is important to know or decide where they will be placed.

Having the toilets installed at strategic points will help keep them clean for longer, so the event attendees will locate them and know that they can use them at various points in the venue where the event will take place.

Some of the points where portable toilets can be installed are:

  • Parking lot
  • Tickets and Departures from the event venue
  • Places with the most traffic (food areas and rest places)

Make Periodic Reviews of All Units

Make Periodic Reviews of All Units

Like the additional services, the periodic revisions to the portable toilets within your event will only be if it is very large, such as concerts, festivals or fairs.

These reviews are to verify that no input is needed for them, such as toilet paper, liquid soap, disinfectant, and hand towels, as well as to verify the appropriate use of portable toilets.

It is always important to have a good emptying tank, this is to leave the storage tanks of each portable toilet completely empty.

Avoid the Problem by Calling an Expert

Avoid the Problem by Calling an Expert

Indeed, the best way to keep portable toilets clean at an event is to request additional cleaning and maintenance services during the event.

These services imply having specialized personnel to wash and maintain the hygiene of the portable toilets, this will be useful only if your event lasts more than one day, and if the space is too wide for transport and material to be handled easily.

During the event, it is normal that due to the large influx of people, the bathrooms become dirty and are not in the ideal conditions to be used. That is why we offer cleaning and emptying service for portable toilets.

Our experts are ready to provide you with the cleanest units on the market. You just have to take your phone and call us, we will take care of the rest.

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