How Much Do Porta-Potty Rentals Cost? 

Published: June 7, 2022

Are you hosting a party for a huge gathering and worried about the cost of portable bathrooms? Or do you need a convenient bathroom for family functions and festivals? If yes, don’t worry; porta-potty rentals are available for your service. 

However, you may wonder about their costs before renting one. And the price of portable bathrooms depends upon the following eight factors:

8 factors that affect the price of porta potty rental

Here are eight factors you should consider before selecting the potty rentals:

#1. Type 

The cost of porta potties depends upon their type. For example, a standard potty rental is less expensive than an ADA-compliant porta potty. 

That is so because standard potties don’t provide essential features like running water; instead, you have to keep emptying the tank once full. 

Also, they usually have no electric supply. 

On the contrary, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant restrooms have exclusive features like grab rails, ramps, and broader doors. 

They have broader doors for the wheelchairs to pass through, thus helping the disabled people.

So the type of bathroom you select contributes massively to the cost of potty rentals.

#2. Location

Location is yet another critical factor in determining porta potty rental cost. For example,


The costs increase if your event location is far from the renting facility. The company has to pay more for gas to drop and pick up the porta-potty, increasing the transportation charges. 


The farther your event location is, the more time it will take the company to reach there, so you have to pay extra for their time.

Type of location

The charges are higher if you choose an expensive spot, whereas the rental costs are less in a cheaper area.

#3. Maintenance

The bathrooms require more maintenance, which costs more if you have a long event and a large gathering. Suppose your event is for a longer duration with a large community. Accordingly, the charges will increase.

Companies will charge extra for maintenance if you need someone to clean the washroom now and then.

#4. Availability of sanitizing station

The cost will increase if you wish to add a hand sanitizing station. The sanitizing station can help the guests and attendees maintain cleanliness, thus the increased price.

#5. Proprietor

Whom you rent your porta potties from significantly affects rental charges. The local companies charge less than the national chain, and are quick to respond to your queries. 

However, if you hire porta potty rentals from small companies, potties may not be available due to high demand.

On the contrary, when you rent porta potties from big companies, you will have a unit available. 

#6. Duration and size of event

The charges for rental bathrooms also depend upon the duration of the event and the attendees. 

The charges will increase with a massive gathering as the number of washrooms required will increase. In contrast, trying to save costs by renting fewer porta-potties will result in filthy bathrooms and long queues. 

#7. Season

Organizing an event in the summers can be costly as there is a massive demand for potty rentals because of the significant number of summer events.

But as there are hardly any outdoor events in winter and fall, the prices reduce due to the reduced demand. 

However, as people usually host graduation parties or prom parties in late spring, the prices tend to rise again. 

Also, charges increase due to the high demand for porta-potties when the construction sector booms.

#8. The number of porta potty rentals required. 

The number of potty rentals you require for an event is one of the most significant factors deciding the cost of potty rentals—the more the number of potty rentals necessary, the more you have to pay. 

You have to decide the number of potty rentals based on the type of your event and the number of people using it. For example:

  • A construction site with ten members will require one porta-potty, whereas you need more porta-potties if there are 100 people.
  • Similarly, an event lasting 1 hour with fewer guests requires only one porta-potty, whereas you need more porta-potties, including ADA-compliant washrooms, if you host a big party.

Thus, porta potty rentals cost may reduce if you have an initial idea of the event duration and the number of people invited. 

So, you now know the eight significant factors that contribute to the charges for portable bathrooms. You can easily decide what type of porta potty rental you need and estimate the total expenses accordingly. 

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