Importance of a portable toilet in the war against COVID-19

Published: June 20, 2020
Importance Portable Toilet War Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has practically brought the world to its knees. People have lost jobs, so many people have been infected, and there is the lingering fear of who the next victim is.

While doctors, nurses, and health and sanitation workers are at the forefront in the war against the virus, did you know that a porta potty can contribute to this war?

Multiple times a day makes a world of difference

Yes, washing your hands multiple times a day helps. It’s because the likelihood of catching the disease, and any infectious disease, for that matter, is considerably reduced through adequate and sufficient hand washing.

Make sure you wash in between your fingers, the palm, and behind it, and wash your hands at least six times a day. It helps reduce the chances of getting infected.

In other words, washing your hands six to ten times a day can make a lot of difference in reducing the likelihood of an infection. Most importantly, don’t wait for symptoms to start washing your hands and maintaining good hand hygiene. Prevention is always better than cure, and it’s applicable here too.

How a porta potty can help

So now you may wonder how a porta potty can help in the war against the virus. Well, it’s not practical for everyone to wash their hands six to ten times a day. Those confined to their homes are the luckiest because they have continual access to restrooms for washing their hands.

However, those working on the field find porta potties a blessing in disguise. Strategically placed mobile units help them maintain their handwashing frequency whenever they are.

These are porta potties available in a wide range of mobile sinks and portable basins to cater to all types of handwashing situations. It lets everyone, no matter where they are, like in an office, temporary accommodation, or on the field to wash their hands effectively.

Washing hands is better than wearing gloves.

Many people who don’t have access to water and portable restrooms wear gloves feeling it’s as effective as washing hands at containing ht spread of Covid-19. Many people tend to neglect hand washing and depend on gloves for protection while working.

The question to ask here is whether you should wash your hands, or if it is enough to wear gloves for protection and limit the spread of the disease?

The answer is that regular washing of hands offers better protection against catching Covid-19 than wearing rubber gloves.


Well, it’s because there is still the risk of picking up COVID-19 contamination through rubber gloves.

There is the risk of contamination from your glove to face if you touch your face or mouth with your gloved hands. Besides, there is the risk of contamination if you don’t properly dispose of or clean your gloves if and when someone touches it.

What is the best way to wash your hands?

Now comes the point as to what is the best way to wash your hands. Well, it’s to clean both the front and back of your hands and in between all the fingers. In addition to this, it’s better to do it without touching any taps. Touching taps to close it only exposes your hands to possible germs on the tap.

Most porta potties come with a sensor that lets you wash your hands without touching any taps. The sensor automatically turns on the water when you place your hands under it. It then switches off the water when you wash your hands and remove your hands.

The paper towel dispenser in a porta potty then helps apply the finishing touch to the hand hygiene process. While handwashing does help control COVID-19, it doesn’t always remove all the viruses from the hands.

Besides, if you don’t wipe your hands after wash, then the most environment forms the perfect breeding spot for microbes to flourish. In short, there is the risk of bacteria getting attached to the hands while washing, and spreading to surfaces if you don’t dry your hands properly.

You have the option of using a hot air dryer or paper towels to wipe your hands dry. Both methods do help significantly reduce the phage contamination of hands. However, the chances of surface contamination through hand contact are higher after you wash hands with a jet dryer than a hand towel.

A porta potty lets you wash and dry your hands for as many times as you required in a day. So it is indeed genuinely instrumental in your fight against today’s pandemic.

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