Five Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting A Porta-Potty Rental

Published: August 31, 2021
Five Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting A Porta-Potty Rental

Imagine you are in charge of hosting a huge event and have taken care of food, venue, and entertainment. These are what you usually consider while planning an event.

You, however, will be making a big mistake if you don’t forget to make bathroom provisions! This is a common mistake many people make as they fail to realize how important they are.

You never know who or how many people at the event will need to use the restroom while there. So you must make adequate arrangements and cater to their requirements.

There’s help in the way through porta-potty rentals.

But you must also select the right ones, because the wrong choice can make or break your event.

No matter how well you plan the event, it can go downhill if you don’t have enough or suitable portable toilets for guests. So to help ensure you don’t goof up on things, here are the five most common mistakes to avoid while selecting your porta potty.

Mistakes to avoid while renting portable potties

1. Selecting based on price

Selecting based on price

It’s no doubt that you are on a budget and are making tough decisions to make ends meet. However, don’t make the mistake of opting for price over service while selecting your porta potty.

It’s because remember, you end with what you pay, and this applies to portable restrooms too. You may end up with cheap units that look and function as cheaply as they cost.

It’s because these companies usually charge less for older equipment that look and work poorly. So you can imagine the consequences of having less than stellar restrooms at the event.

It’s better to spend a little extra renting great equipment offering excellent services. They come with everything your guests will expect in a restroom, function well, and of course, look great on the premises.

2. Non-compliance with ADA regulations

Non-compliance with ADA regulations

It’s essential to keep ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) regulations in mind while planning any special event. According to these regulations, organizers must provide one ADA accessible restroom for every ten standard porta potty rentals.

You never know who will show up for the event, and you don’t want this mistake to be the event’s highlight.

3. Improper placement

Improper placement

It’s not enough to only rent ADA-accessible restrooms. Make sure you also place them in the right spots.

For example, do not keep them on curbs or any other location that will be difficult for people in wheelchairs to access. It’s always better to place even the standard portable restrooms on level ground and easily accessible sites.

Also while placing them, ensure you disperse the restrooms through the event space and not bunch them in a single location. Place them across the event, with appropriate directions for people to access them.

4. Insufficient portable restrooms

Insufficient portable restrooms

You need to have enough portable restrooms to accommodate the restroom needs of all your event attendees. About “how many porta potties you need per person”, the rule of thumb is at least two per 100 people at the event.

You will need at least another extra one if people will be consuming alcohol at the event. And if they will be staying at the venue for more extended periods, like for more than 4 hours.

These are of course not strict rules. The best way to decide is based on how many people you expect to come to the event.

5. Families feeling uncomfortable

Families feeling uncomfortable

If your event is for the entire family, make an effort to keep them feeling welcome and comfortable. The last thing you want is guests leaving the venue because they aren’t comfortable.

The need is even more if you expect to have more families with small children and babies.

In this case, you can make them feel comfortable by providing baby changing stations. Moms will need to change their baby’s diapers constantly, and they can’t do it in private.

Similarly, designate particular areas for parents to feed their children. Not having these spots only make parents consider going home to feed and change their babies.

This, in turn, leads to a reduced footfall at the venue.

Now that you know these five mistakes to avoid, you can plan well for your event.

Remember, restrooms are essential for any occasion.

No matter how much you spend organizing it, you cannot expect to keep people happy without good porta-potty rentals. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about which or how many to rent.

Most porta potty rental companies are more than glad to help you figure out numbers!

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