Nine Interesting porta-potty facts

Published: June 25, 2020
Nine Interesting Porta Potty Facts

Porta potties have a massive role at any public event. It provides a place for every time to go when they have to do. Most of you are quite aware of what porta-potties are and their importance, especially at events.

However, did you know that there are some interesting facts about them too?

Fact #1: Porta potties were first used on shipyards

Yes, shipyards were the first place to use porta-potties during World War 2.

It was because shipyard workers were wasting too much time trekking from the ships to the docks to answer nature’s call. The best way to save this time was by bringing the bathroom to them, which lead to the birth of porta-potties.

The porta potties then were small, wooden, or metal portable cubicles with a small holding tank. The convenience that those portable loos provided the workers started the mobile toilet industry.

Fact #2: Interesting names

People have done much more to porta-potties than increase its use and versatility. They have also come up with some exciting names for it. Examples of its names are sanican, water closet, portable restroom, Johnny on the spot, and porta loo.

Fact #3: Porta potties can save water and the environment

Did you know that porta loos play a role in saving the environment too? Yes, it’s because they save billions of gallons of water when compared to conventional toilets.

Besides, running toilets can end up wasting up to 200 gallons of water per day. On the contrary, portable toilets use 90% less water than conventional toilets. It’s water saving feature is integral because Americans tend to use most water every day while flushing than while showering and other activities.

Fact #4: Cleaner than you expect

You may feel that with so many people using portable potties, they end up slightly dirty and disgusting. However, there are some quite clean units. There are units with hand sanitizers and basins to wash your hands, which are somewhat decent. Most of them even come with deodorizers that help eliminate any foul smells.

Fact #5: The first Jon is usually the cleanest

Not many know that the first portable toilet in a row is usually the cleanest. They ironically are used the less because most people assume that everyone else uses the first toilet. So they skip it and go use another unit further down the line!

Fact #6: Ancient tombs had portable toilets for afterlife use

There is proof of portable toilets being placed in tombs in the mid-fourteenth BC in Egypt. The Kha tomb excavation revealed a wooden stool that had a slot in the middle and pottery vessel under it to catch the waste!

Fact #7: Hygienic toilet facilities can help save lives

Did you know that the lack of sanitary and suitable toilet conditions causes 1.8 million deaths every year, and mostly children? Porta potties services want to help reduce this statistic.

They make it a point to send you not just portable restrooms, but units which are in pristine condition. All the units undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitizing before being delivered to you for optimal hygiene and cleanliness.

Fact #8: There are even luxury portable restrooms.

Porta potties have evolved tremendously over the years to give you luxury portable restrooms. You have many porta potty services offering luxury trailers with all modern conveniences.

These luxury restroom trailers are enormous and come with all amenities. They are not only like your regular bathrooms. They usually come with air conditioning, running water, lights, interior decor, full-sized mirrors, and even other home-like features.

Besides, they reach you fully stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet paper, everything you need to use the loo hygienically.

In short, these luxury trailers help make the users feel that they are more at home, and in the process, make the event more enjoyable and memorable.

Fact #9: Even realtors have a reason to use portable potties during an open house

Yes, you may wonder why realtors use porta-potties at open houses that have bathroom facilities. There are various reasons for them to do this. It may be because the bathrooms in the house they are showing may not have plumbing connections.

The most common reason for renting portable restrooms is to keep the home in pristine condition. All it takes is one thoughtless customer to ruin another potential customer’s impression of the house.

So don’t feel embarrassed if your realtor asks you to use portable restrooms at an open home. It’s for everyone’s betterment!

These 9 interesting portable restroom facts leave you even more fascinated, and intrigued to use a porta potty!

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