Published: February 15, 2022

One of the biggest headaches with winter is the number of times you need to use the loo. And to make things worse, you never know when you may have to go. Sometimes, you need to relieve yourself when you are outdoors. And the only option you have is a clean porta potty and a tree. 

You obviously prefer using the porta potty for its privacy and hygiene. However using porta potties in the cold is easier said than done!

But it’s not impossible, as long as you know how to do it right. 

Tips for using honey buckets in the cold

Remove anything that may fall

The biggest hassle of using porta potties is using it wearing bulky attire. So it’s better to take off anything you can before using your porta potty to prevent things like gloves, scarves, and accessories like purses falling on the ground and getting dirty. 

Or even worse, risk them slipping inside the holding tank and getting ruined. So make sure you remove whatever’s possible and have someone outside hold them for you. 

Protect yourself using the seat

Now that you have removed your excess clothes, you can safely do your business. You can either place some toilet paper or use the hover method to avoid touching the seat directly, which will be cold to touch with your bare skin. 

Avoid using porta potties at night

Try to use the porta-potty before the sunsets. It’s not only warmer in the day, but you can quickly see around and maneuver yourself with the coat on. 

Of course, this may not always be possible. But it’s a point worth remembering. 

Keep the door closed

Some people tend to keep the clean porta potty rental door ajar when a child or senior citizen uses the honey buckets. However, you need to keep the doors closed for privacy reasons and avoid getting hit by the cold winds. 

Instead of keeping the door ajar, accompany them into the porta-potty to minimize the amount of cold air entering it. 

Drinking something hot helps

You no doubt need to go when you need to go. However, once done, warming yourself with a hot drink does wonders. However, remember not to drink too many hot drinks because you may end up needing to use the honey bucket sooner than later!

Proper placement

Sometimes adequate pre-planning helps keep the porta potty comfortable to use even in the cold. So make sure you strategically place them in relatively warm spots to help keep the cold at bay. 

Setting up the porta potty rental against a garage or shed prevents strong winds from tipping them over. If there’s no garage nearby, placing them near the eastern side of a building or fence reduces the impact of strong and frigid winds.

And yes, you can always take advantage of the sunlight while placing your porta potty rentals. As the sun’s out even in the coldest winters, placing a unit in direct sunlight at least helps generate some warmth in it. 

Try adding some heat.

Unfortunately, not every spot will receive enough sunlight to keep your restroom warm. In this case, you could consider using the help of a portable heater to keep your seats warm. 

However, if you opt to use this, don’t forget to turn them on and off as required. Or you can alternatively prevent overuse by setting them to run at designated timings throughout the day. 

Remove snow

If you live where it snows regularly, make it a point to remove the snow from your porta potty rental exteriors periodically. This helps prevent the snow from accumulating on the stall side and lowers the internal temperatures. 

Prevent liquid wastes from freezing

Liquid waste freezing is another issue you worry about while using your clean porta potty rental. The solution to the problem lies in adding half-pound rock salt to a gallon of water as it helps keep tanks from freezing. 

However, brine solutions won’t help if the temperature is lower than 0 degrees. In this case, use methanol. It’s easier to mix with water than salt crystals, non-corrosive, and safe to use in steel-tank trucks. 

However, a mixture of methanol and rock salt provides maximum freeze protection. 

With the help of these 9 tips, you can now comfortably use your clean porta potty rental even in the cold.

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