7 Benefits a Porta Potty Rental Offers Your Worksite

Published: April 25, 2020
Porta Potty Benefits Workplace

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, construction site worker, or chef. Nature calls are natural and can’t be ignored or put off, no matter how busy you may be.

Everyone needs to attend to nature’s call, which is why a porta potty rental is a must for even a worksite. Besides, it doesn’t cost much and offers the following benefits.

1. Increases work productivity

Even if there’s a gas station nearby, each worker spends at least an hour a day going to and from it several times a day. This is a waste of their precious work time.

Besides, sometimes another worker’s job is put on hold because their partner is at the gas station. Instead of letting workers waste time this way, you can get much more work done if you rent a portable potty for your site.

2. Creates a better impression for your company

You don’t create a good company impression if passers-by notice your workmen depending on the great outdoors to relieve themselves! Besides, it also creates a wrong impression of how well you take care of your workers. It shows you don’t care for their dignity, and can’t even spend a little money to cater to their basic needs.

3. It’s possible to recover costs

Yes, though you may have to spend to rent portable potties, the price is usually recovered with time. Remember the improved productivity mentioned above? The more work you get done in a day, the better an impression you create on your client. They may not only hire you again, but may also recommend you to someone else because you are quick at your job.

4. Gain your workers’ respect

Your kind gesture of arranging for porta potty rentals put you in good light with your crew. They feel better and work with more zeal for you because you have their interests in mind.

Showing them you care is also a great way to bring out their loyalty for you. So while you may have to spend, it’s a win-win scenario for you, considering the improved and better work workers give you.

5. Helps you conform to OSHA standards

According to OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your restrooms have to meet various guidelines. They have to be clean and sanitary to consider that your company meets OSHA standards.

The best way to meet OSHA guidelines is by using or instead renting porta-potties. It proves to OSHA that you take that extra step to accommodate your workers’ needs.

6. Save your workers’ energy

You may think that your workers have to take a short walk to the nearby gas station to attend to nature calls. However, did you know that sometimes it can make life miserable for them? Especially if they have a stomach upset, or is someone who needs to visit the loo frequently.

You can make life easier for them, and even help them conserve energy just by renting and installing porta potties. They don’t feel the stress to adjust their work to attend something natural like nature’s call. Besides, they use the energy that’s otherwise spent walking to the restroom in their work.

7. Avoid using and dirtying your client’s existing property

One of the main reasons many construction worksites don’t feel there’s a need for porta potty rentals is when they are working on an existing property. You may think that it’s okay to let your workers use your client’s existing restrooms.

However, this doesn’t do much at creating a good impression with your client. Most of them aren’t happy having people repeatedly entering and leaving their business premises.

You can avoid this inconvenience by having porta potties at your worksite. Besides, it shows how much you care for not only your workers but for your client’s existing property too.

So it doesn’t matter how big or small your crew is. Everyone has to attend to nature’s call. A Porta potty rental goes a long way at showing how much you care for your employees.

And it also shows that you strive to create the best impression for your company and improve productivity. Why waste any more time? Just call Porta Potty Dogs today and we will help make life better and easier for you and your crew!

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