How Often Should a Porta Potty Rental be serviced?

Published: September 30, 2021

You will naturally ask this question if it’s the first time you rent a porta potty for an extended period. Well, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you have to service it at least once a week.

How Often Should a Porta Potty Rental be serviced?

But this is however not fixed.

It depends on so many factors like:

  • How long you will be renting porta potties
  • The number of people on-site
  • It’s frequency of usage
  • The number of restrooms you have

You generally don’t have to worry much about maintenance if you rent it for only a day or two. However, there is a consistent cleaning schedule to follow by law if you use a porta potty rental for months.

Examples of places that may require porta potties year-round are on a construction site and public outdoor spaces like parks and camping grounds.

Read on for more information on the frequency, and importance of porta potty cleaning.

What constitutes porta potty cleaning?

Well, there’s much more involved in servicing porta potties than just emptying them! Just emptying them will only lead to an unsanitary condition in the restroom after a short time.

The technician will also have to do other things like clean all the surfaces inside the unit, fill the deodorizer, and restock the toilet paper. In short, the honey bucket should be clean and ready for subsequent use.

Does the number of porta potties affect its cleaning schedule?

The number of porta potties you have on your site or venue significantly impacts its maintenance. It is because having too few porta potties will mean it’s used more often and requires more cleaning.

It’s always better to stick to renting one unit per 10 people or workers using it. This way, everyone on the site or venue knows they have a safe and clean restroom to go to when in need.

You may have to schedule more frequent cleanings if visitors or employees report smelly and unsanitary portable restrooms. It’s because porta potties are not like traditional restrooms.

They have limited capacity, and their disinfecting chemicals become less effective within a few uses. Similarly, cleaning barely used porta potties once a week is excessive and a waste of time.

What about servicing in extreme weather conditions?

Sanitation workers know how to ensure each portable restroom functions properly even amid extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions do not affect how often porta potties need cleaning.

However, the cleaning process will include some additional steps.

For example, they will have to add antifreeze to the holding tanks to prevent disinfecting chemicals from freezing in the extreme cold. Besides, adding antifreeze also helps neutralize the bacteria found in raw sewage.

Sanitation workers will also add salt to the floor to prevent patrons from slipping on ice.

Don’t worry.

Your local porta potty rental company will advise you about these additional services if required during extreme weather conditions.

What are the consequences of poor maintenance?

Neglecting porta potty maintenance is a grave mistake, leading to three major repercussions.

A. It’s not only an OSHA sanitary requirement violation, but can lead to serious health risks in the people who use it regularly. There is the risk of their quickly contracting diseases like E. coli and consequent hospitalization.

B. Besides, no one will like using a dirty or smelly bathroom!

The entire purpose of having a porta potty rental is lost if it’s not clean because no one will use it. So making sure the cleaning company comes by at least once a week ensures people use the porta potties without complaints.

Last but not least, failure to empty and clean porta potties only lead to environmental repercussions.

There is the risk of sewage water leaking out and causing havoc to the surrounding vegetation and wildlife. Regular maintenance ensures you do your part for the environment too.

In short, there is no fixed schedule to service a porta potty rental.

It depends on various factors like the usage, number of units you use, number of people using it, and the weather.

On average, portable restrooms need weekly cleaning.

However, the frequency reduces if the units are sparingly used and increase if excessively used.

It’s your duty as the construction site or public space owner to keep the porta potty clean and sanitary at all times. Remember, your workers and visitors need clean units to relieve themselves when away from home and traditional restrooms.

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