Porta Potty Rental Myths And Facts Everyone Should Know

Published: October 28, 2021

Nature’s call is essential, but would you avoid using porta-potties just because you heard some myths about them?

They already got a bad reputation due to rumors and misconceptions about them.

But are they all true?  

A porta-potty is always essential if you are holding a gathering or any kind of event. But people generally hesitate to use them at events because of their bad experiences with public toilets. 

Unfortunately, the reputation of public toilets has led to most of these porta potty rental myths. However, you need to know that public toilets and porta potty are two entirely different concepts.

Here is an attempt at debunking these myths and revealing facts that will make you trust and start using porta potties again.  

Myths and Misconceptions about Portable Potty

1.  A porta-potty can make you sick 

This is not true. A toilet seat or a toilet has ever infected no one. No matter how many people use it, there’s no chance you would get sick, and there’s a scientific reason behind it.  

The waste in the toilet cannot do any harm to you as long as it’s underwater. The water inside the toilet has some chemicals that slay harmful bacteria. 

Instead of being afraid of viruses from the toilet, focus on ensuring your hands are clean after touching the doorknob. The doorknob contains more viruses than the toilet!

2. They lack sanitation 

Most people complain about this, but often it is not true. Porta-potties are delivered to you clean and neat. Besides, they always come with conveniences like empty tanks, making them quite like the toilet you have at home.

There is a reason for your experiencing dirty toilets. It is because you were most probably the last person to use them. Porta potties get dirty over time and how clean they remain also depends mostly on how people use them.

3.  They are meant only for use on construction sites

Are you holding an anniversary party or an exhibition? 

If yes, portable toilets are a must, and perfect to use at these important or events!  

Unfortunately, many people think that porta potty rentals are meant only for use construction sites. That is why you might not want to rent portable potties because you assume they will spoil your special event. 

On the contrary, many porta potty rental companies provide luxurious-looking porta-potties, perfect for all events! 

4.  They are gross because they stink

This one myth is, unfortunately, often true.

Toilets do stink, and it happens only because containers that store the waste are close to the toilet seat. People might avoid portable potties because of this reason but don’t worry because there is a solution.

Portal toilet rental companies change waste tanks once they are complete. Standard tanks can store almost 60 gallons of waste. If that is not enough, there are more massive tanks which can hold up to 250 gallons of waste. It is more than enough water for most porta potties.   

Some amazing facts about portable toilets

1. Porta toilet companies know how to make their customers happy 

Nowadays, every porta potty rental company make their customers happy by providing them with the best of amenities. Examples are having sinks, air conditioning, mirrors, soap dispenser, and hand sanitizers in the porta potty units. 

2.   They Save A Lot of Water Which Makes Them Eco-Friendly 

Did you know that Porta-Potties save more water than public and indoor toilets?

Yes, it is because portable toilets use only 10% water compared to any other kind of toilet. They need so little water mainly because they do not flush.

On the contrary, all other restrooms need a lot of water for flushing and washing. So remember that you are doing your bit to save the world the next time you use a porta potty rental.

3.      Anyone Can Use These Portable Restrooms 

Last but not least, Thanks to modern technology, anyone can use these restrooms. This includes pregnant women, disabled people, and people with claustrophobia! 

So if you are afraid of small spaces, you needn’t worry about suffocation in portable restrooms. Besides, disabled people and pregnant people can also conveniently use them since they are large enough. In short, anyone can use them!

Now that you know about myths and some fantastic facts about porta potty rental, you no longer will hesitate to use a porta potty rental.  Besides, with porta potty rental companies providing such excellent services, there is no reason why you should not try them for your upcoming events!

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