Published: May 3, 2022

Are you expecting seniors at your event?

If yes, you may wonder if they will be able to use portable toilets, considering their disabilities.

Fortunately, some clean porta potty rental providers offer units specifically designed for seniors. Read on to learn more about these portable restrooms in this article.

Special Features in Portable Toilets for Elderlies

Seniors undergo different physical limitations because of illness or the aging process. These disabilities make it hard for them to perform simple tasks like getting on and off the toilet. Thus, they require unique honey pots to make things easier for them.

These porta-potties come with disability-friendly designs for the elderly’ convenience and comfort. Though they come in different models and styles, they all come with these vital features:

Wider Entryways and Spacious Interior

Most handicap porta-potties are spacious enough to facilitate better movement inside and let wheelchair-users enter the restroom conveniently.

Adjustable Toilet Seat Height

The correct seat height makes it easier for a person to get on and off the toilet.

The thing is that each person has a unique toilet seat height requirement. For example, a physical limitation could make it difficult for a senior to bend over, so they require a higher seat. However, high toilet seats could be challenging for short people to use.

Thus, getting a honey pot with adjustable seat height is better to accommodate all the elderlies at your event.

Broad and Stable Toilet Base

The toilet should have a stable base so it won’t tip over easily. It is crucial because elderlies may lose balance or feel dizzy and push over an unstable toilet.

Armrests and Reinforced Bars

Sturdy handlebars and armrests provide extra support for elderlies when using a porta-potty. It supports their movement in the facility and avoids accidents.

For example, they can grip the handlebars to lift themselves on and off the toilet seat. The armrests keep them stable while relieving themselves too.

Non-Slip Flooring

A senior-friendly portable restroom should have non-slip flooring as well. These floorings have sufficient traction that prevents slip and fall accidents while in the facility.

Personal Porta Potties for Elderlies

You may be looking for portable restrooms that can accommodate your elderly guests. However, you may also consider portable toilets for an elderly loved one’s personal use at home.

These are small and compact toilets that even a single person can move seamlessly. You can place them in your loved one’s bedroom so they don’t need to walk to the bathroom to relieve themselves.

It is helpful for elderlies with movement difficulties and who can’t walk far alone. They don’t need to wait for somebody to assist them to the bathroom if they have a porta-potty in their room.

Moreover, these portable toilets are small enough to fit in a car. So, you can take these toilets wherever you go with your loved ones. All you need to do is disassemble the unit while traveling and assemble it back when necessary.

Keeping Clean Portable Toilets for Seniors

You probably worry about porta-potties being too dirty in many instances. It is a significant safety concern, especially for elderlies with particular health problems.

The good thing is that honey buckets may remain clean with proper management and maintenance. You only need to remember these tips to maintain clean portable restrooms:

1. Hire a clean porta potty rental if you need honey pots for an event. Porta-potty rental companies have disability-friendly units for your elderly guests, and their porta-potties are all ensured clean.

2. Let the honey bucket provider clean the restrooms if you need the facility for an extended period. They usually clean the units every seven days or when the blue liquid in the toilet turns green.

3. Select an easy-to-clean porta-potty for an elderly loved one’s personal use. A good example is a portable potty with splash guards that keeps the toilet clean after use. You may, however, have to disassemble the honey pot for cleaning and dispose of the wastewater in a provided tank.

Call a Clean Porta Potty Rental Provider for Elderly-Friendly Restrooms

Most seniors have physical limitations with unique needs like the need for particular toilet features. Thus, it is vital to consider elderly-friendly porta-potties for seniors, whether for an event or for personal use at home.

And hiring the best clean porta potty rental service helps give you the correct honey pots for senior citizens. 

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