How portable hand wash stations can reduce senior home care coronavirus cases

Published: May 20, 2020
Portable Hand Wash Reduce Coranavirus

The one common most common aspect in any home care is working at minimizing illnesses as much as possible. Lots of planning goes into this, including contingency planning and optimal hygiene.

However, the increased percentage of coronavirus related deaths amongst senior citizens and in care homes make you wonder what went wrong.

It’s better understood if you know why senior citizens are susceptible in the first place. First of all, they don’t have as strong immunity as youngsters. It thus makes them more vulnerable to any infectious disease.

Besides, other conditions they suffer from like diabetes and kidney or lung disease can weaken their body’s ability to fight infections.

Besides, social distancing and hygiene is important in the coronavirus fight.

Unfortunately, some senior citizens may not remember to maintain it. They may also not be able to keep themselves as clean as they should in these times.

Another reason for their vulnerability is their isolation or mobility challenges. They may not know or understand the seriousness of the condition. The home care personnel should make it a point to explain all about coronavirus and implement the following measures.

Portable hand wash stations should be properly placed and used

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Measures to be implemented

  • Washing hands is very important to prevent unnecessary contamination while touching the mouths and eyes. Teach them to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds properly.
  • It’s not enough to spray some water on their hands for a few seconds. Besides, remind them to wash hands before and after any activity or contact that can contaminate hands.
  • It’s better to install some additional portable hand wash stations in this trying time. It ensures everyone can wash their hands whenever, and for as long, as they want.
  • Make sure they also dry their hands after washing. It’s important because just shaking them off won’t remove the remnant microbes on the hands. Besides, pathogens easily collect on wet hands.
  • But use only paper towels, and not hand towels to dry hands. The towels will be used, and make comfortable places for germs and microbes to thrive. Besides, there’s the risk of the bacteria passing onto the next user’s hands. Paper towels are, however, conveniently discarded after use.
  • Teach them social distancing, and explain why they can’t get any visitors for some time. They only people they may meet if necessary are healthy people and not children who are known asymptomatic carriers.
  • Teach them to avoid grouping, shaking hands, and hugging. Make them develop a habit of standing at least three feet away from people and not touch faces.

Portable hand wash stations should be properly placed and used

Most importantly, remind them to wash their hands as frequently as possible. Even the home care workers should practice optimal hand hygiene.

Make sure the portable hand washbasins have everything necessary for hand hygiene like hot and cold water. It should also have some liquid soap and disposable paper towels. Home care workers must keep the portable hand wash basins stocked with essentials so that anyone can use it, whenever they want.

When you speak about easily accessible hand washbasins, strategically place them around the residential home. It’s not enough to just rent a few units, cluster them together in one or two places.

They should be preferably used in rest areas, the dining area, and even at the reception hallway for visitors and staff to use. Remember, everyone is washing hands these days because of the coronavirus pandemic, so every institution should have portable hand wash stations that everyone can use whenever required.

Don’t forget to have a few units placed at points where residents with restricted mobility can easily access and use. It’s even better if you rent sensor-activated movable hand washbasins. These units are activated by the sensor whenever a hand passes in front of it.

Not only is this safe and easy to use because there are no taps to open, but it also helps save lots of water. The water supply automatically switches off upon completion of the cycle. And if you are worried about the units dispensing too hot water, there’s no need to.

Most portable hand wash basins dispense warm water at a controlled temperature. They follow the HSE set guidelines, which in turn means there isn’t much scalding risks.

Even eating a immunity boosting diet can help build a senior citizen’s natural body resistance. It is a combination of all these measures, including testing if necessary, that can reduce the number of coronarivus cases amongst senior citizens.

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