6 Reasons to Rent Luxury Portable Restrooms for Your Next Event

Published: January 14, 2021
Reasons to Rent Luxury Portable Restrooms for Your Next Event

Luxury toilets for rent are a great option for a wide variety of events, and can make the difference between a memorable congregation and a lousy one. That is why we wanted to create this blog to list the 6 reasons to rent luxury portable restrooms. Our team is here to guide you, we want to help you make the right decisions.

Mobile toilets for rent consist of sanitation units that consist of modular structures and wheels, so they can be located in various outdoor areas with or without requiring a nearby drainage facility. They have an airtight tank in which evacuations are deposited, and in some cases, they contain a benign chemical solution that reduces bad odors.

Its prefabricated elements allow them to be expanded or decreased according to customer requirements and have a door to guarantee quality. In luxury bathrooms, for example, woods are often used that, in addition to being elegant, have a finish that resists moisture. In these units, ventilation systems are also integrated such as a pipe that extends to the roofs.

These Are the Top 6 Reasons to Rent Luxury Portable Restrooms

The mobile toilets for rent are manufactured with a variety of materials such as steel, polyurethane foam, aluminum, imitation wood Formica, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Therefore, they offer elegance and comfort. The biggest advantage of the luxury units is that they can be placed where there is or is not water and they operate autonomously since they do not require a connection to the supply.

Here are the top 6 reasons to rent luxury portable restrooms:

  1. It will give a comfortable experience to your guests
  2. These restrooms will give a good image to your event
  3. VIP luxury portable restrooms are a cost-effective solution
  4. It is a sanitary solution
  5. It will be much easier to clean everything after the event
  6. These portable restrooms are eco-friendly

When organizing an outdoor event, the comfort of the guests can be a complicated task since various elements, infrastructures, services, etc. must be considered. Among the amenities that cannot be overlooked is access to restrooms. One of the best and easiest solutions to this problem is luxury portable restrooms.

It Will Give a Comfortable Experience to Your Guests

It Will Give a Comfortable Experience to Your Guests

One of the most important reasons for having luxury portable toilets is to offer maximum comfort to the guests. It is also one of the criteria that must always be met in order for events to be memorable and for organizers to get positive feedback. However, it is not only about renting the bathrooms, it is also important to manage the space and determine the points where it will be convenient to install it.

There is a wide variety of portable toilets available to meet every need you may have, from simple that have basic features to luxurious that can rival many spacious bathrooms. Therefore, it can satisfy all kinds of tastes.

The key to success is knowing the details of your event before requesting the rental of portable toilets. The type of event and the magnitude will determine the number of bathrooms you require, where they will be placed and the model to choose.

To know the number of portable toilets you will need during the construction process or event, it is important that you consider the number of workers who will use it. As a rule, one portable toilet will be needed for every 8 to 10 workers.

In short, portable toilets are an ideal and functional solution, since they are a time and resource saving tool.

These Restrooms Will Give a Good Image to Your Event

These Restrooms Will Give a Good Image to Your Event

There are various events that must take care of their image so that they can be held in the future and the organizers can receive a stable source of income. If attendees have bad experiences with the restrooms, they will gossip about the hygienic conditions of the site, which is not convenient, especially in our time when news spreads quickly through social media.

Depending on the location of the outdoor wedding you are hosting, indoor bathrooms are not the best option. Even if public toilets are available, renting portable toilets can give you several advantages. Portable toilets are ideal for weddings requiring black-label attendance as well as formal attendance.

Providing portable toilets to your guests at your outdoor reception or wedding can also ensure a clean and well-stocked space available to them.

Even if there are clean public restrooms available at the beach or park where your wedding is taking place, providing your guests with a portable toilet helps them avoid waiting in long lines with other people at the venue.

VIP Luxury Portable Restrooms Are a Cost-Effective Solution

VIP Luxury Portable Restrooms Are a Cost-Effective Solution

Portable toilets are a fairly cost-effective option for mass events. They use less energy than traditional toilets, saving money on water and electricity bills. Owners of outdoor areas without existing bathrooms who want to rent them for events will be more comfortable renting luxury mobile bathrooms rather than building traditional bathrooms.

By strategically placing portable toilets around community events, attendees will be able to answer the call of nature without having to encroach on local businesses or restaurants.

As in the name itself, portable toilets are easily transportable and relocated (lightweight). If you are planning to host an event or a marathon or even if you are in the construction business, these portable toilets come in handy as they can be easily moved and installed anywhere at any time.

The cost of renting when you need a portable toilet is much less than the cost of owning one. Since a portable toilet is only used on certain days and no more, it makes little sense to buy them outright for a higher price when you can rent them for a fraction of the cost and save in the process.

It Is a Sanitary Solution

It Is a Sanitary Solution

In massive and open-air events, the rental of luxury restrooms for events represents the only option to guarantee hygiene. It can be a difficult task since attendees usually leave garbage behind them, however, dirt can be reduced and more problematic waste for cleaners can be avoided and that can put the image of the event or health at risk.

Safety and hygiene are part of the productivity of any event, having a clean and safe toilet space does your guests good; Also keep in mind that, depending on the event, a person spends time in activities and needs drinking water to wash, so sometimes people install portable showers and sinks for cleaning their events.

Portable toilets are a simple solution for waste disposal in long-term events or in sites that do not have the necessary sanitary services

It Will Be Much Easier to Clean Everything after the Event

It Will Be Much Easier to Clean Everything after the Event

Cleaning fixed bathrooms after an event can be a difficult task. Even if the bathrooms are large enough to accommodate all the guests, cleaning is likely to be difficult. The issue becomes more problematic when there are not enough toilets since, as mentioned, many can relieve themselves in their surroundings.

Portable toilets are quite famous and are usually rented during events because they come with so many perks. One of the biggest advantages is present in the name itself; It is portable. Even if you plan to find another area to move the toilets too, it can be done in a jiffy and with minimal hassle.

So you have the flexibility to choose the one you want, easily. If you are looking for multiple bathrooms, you can choose individual bathrooms or one with individual stalls. The options are wide and varied. In addition to this, it also has bathrooms for young children and people with physical disabilities, making it easy for everyone to feel comfortable.

Another advantage is that they are mainly rented so that you have services that clean it for you.

These Portable Restrooms Are Eco-friendly


Portable toilets conserve more water than regular toilets due to the integrated flush mechanisms. For some this fact may not be important, however, it is important to cultivate an ecological conscience and show an example. If you want to find out more about these units then we invite you to check out our portable restroom trailers.

Portable toilets, unlike conventional toilets, are really very environmentally friendly, easy to transport, and save space and water. Investing in this type of toilet is contributing to a sustainable environment.

One of the most important advantages, if not the most important, is the significant water savings involved in using this type of portable toilet. It is estimated that through its use, more than 470 million liters of water can be saved per day. This is because it is not necessary to use the 8 liters on average that a conventional cistern uses.

Portable toilets, with a 20-liter cistern and the use of treated and biodegradable products that it disinfects, can have up to 300 uses.

Call Porta Potty Dogs to Rent the Best Luxury Portable Restrooms

Best Luxury Portable Restrooms

But if your event is special such as, for example, a wedding or reception of important artists or you simply want to surprise your guests with an exclusive service, at Porta Potty Dogs we offer you one of the most striking and spectacular items such as our luxury portable restroom. It has all the basic comforts necessary to cover an event as it is characterized by a modern design both exterior and interior, as well as its equipped equipment.

It is distributed in two units, one for ladies with two individual cabins, and another for men, with a urinal and a toilet with an individual cabin. Both are made up of sinks and mirrors as well as a whole series of articles and accessories offering greater comfort.

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