Five reasons why you need to rent porta potties

Published: May 30, 2020
Reasons Why Need Rent Porta Potties

It’s not always possible to have restroom facilities where you want it, and as many as you require. This is where portable toilets come in handy. They provide a temporary restroom option when you need it the most.

While a fun fair is a common reason for porta potties to rent near me, there are these other situations where you will need one!

Multiple times a day makes a world of difference

Yes, washing your hands multiple times a day helps. It’s because the likelihood of catching the disease, and any infectious disease, for that matter, is considerably reduced through adequate and sufficient hand washing.

Make sure you wash in between your fingers, the palm, and behind it, and wash your hands at least six times a day. It helps reduce the chances of getting infected.

In other words, washing your hands six to ten times a day can make a lot of difference in reducing the likelihood of an infection. Most importantly, don’t wait for symptoms to start washing your hands and maintaining good hand hygiene. Prevention is always better than cure, and it’s applicable here too.

In remote cabins

Most holiday cottages and camps may have running water, but not all have plumbing, which can be inconvenience when you are there. There’s no point in actually having a traditional outhouse.

You won’t be using them through the year and maintaining it can be difficult in your absence.

That’s where porta potties to rent near me prove to be handy.

You can rent one for the season you plan to use the cabin. And don’t worry. As long as your cabin has road access, portable toilet companies should have no problem in delivering one to your cabin!

For a home wedding

Now you may feel that you may not require portable toilets for a wedding at home because your home has bathrooms. However, these bathrooms are built to accommodate to the bathroom needs of a typical family.

Yes, while it may suffice when you have relatives over during the holidays, it’s not enough for your many wedding guests! You may end up with clogged toilets and drains, which will spoil the wedding atmosphere.

It will help if you rent at least one porta potty for a wedding at home. While it’s better to have one bathroom for every 100 people, your dumpster rental company will decide.

They decide based on various factors like the length of your wedding reception and if there’s alcohol served. It’s because your guests will need to use the toilets more if there’s alcohol served at the wedding. So you will need more porta potties to accommodate them.

Company events like picnics

Unless there are extensive restroom facilities in the vicinity, you will need to arrange for portable potties at your next company picnic. You will need to pay special attention if some of your group members are handicapped. It’s because sometimes the existing restrooms may not be handicapped-accessible for them.

Don’t assume that you don’t need handicapped accessible toilets because there’s no one handicapped at work. You never know whose family member, or someone else may need handicapped facilities.

You can resolve the problem by hiring portable handicapped-accessible toilets for the disabled. At the same time, even if you consider it’s an added expense, it’s well worth the embarrassment caused if you don’t provide one.

Graduation party

You will also need porta potties to rent near me if you organize a graduation party at home. You don’t need any particular space as the wedding does for the to-be-weds to get ready, but you need to accommodate your guests’ business needs!

It’s better to place the porta-potty in some discrete spot, as far away from your entrance as possible. It helps prevent people from bringing back dirt to your home every time they use the bathroom!

Besides, no matter if it’s a wedding or a party, hiring porta-potties will rid you of the need to clean your bathroom in time. Or to even have to go through the hassle of cleaning it up at the end of the event!

Children centric event

It doesn’t matter if it is a birthday party, a camping trip, or any other children’s event. It’s always better to rent porta potties for the event. Even if you are having a party at home, you know how messy children can get when they are together!

So instead of letting them use, and dirty your home bathrooms, it is better to rent portable toilets. You won’t consider it an added and unnecessary expense if you realize how much it helps keep your home clean!

You will not have kids fighting for the bathroom with their dirty feet and hands, and there’s no worry of their lugging their dirty feet into your home. Besides, you don’t even have to worry much about keeping your home toilets clean.

Porta potties for rent are indeed sort of a blessing in disguise for not only huge events but also parties you have at home. It gives guests a place to attend to their business and they will definitely appreciate you for all the arrangements made!

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