How to select the best Porta-potty rental for children parties

Published: December 15, 2020
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Organizing a children’s event needs more planning and organizing than adult events. You need to ensure you provide safety and proper facilities and that everything there is safe and easy to use.

Renting portable toilets for your event will eliminate the need to desperately search for the closest place to dispose of waste. In other words, they will make your event a positive experience for your guests. We know that children are very active and always need to have access to a bathroom, that is why you should consider renting portable toilets.

A critical aspect of planning involves selecting the right portable toilets.

Yes, children will have to go to the bathroom, and you can’t afford to have everyone going to your home bathroom. They will only end up making a mess, which you can avoided through proper porta-potty rental for parties.

However don’t just rent any unit you find. Look for something that’s fit for a children’s party.

Follow Our Guide to Learn How to Select the Best Porta-Potty Rental for Children Parties

Reasons to celebrate will always exist and either as a host or as a guest, you seek to enjoy the celebration at all times. That is why you need to learn how to select the best porta potty rental for children parties.

Looking for a versatile solution? At Porta Potty Dogs we offer you a portable toilet and sink rental service that adapts to any need. We can help you make your child’s party a success. You just have to call us and we will take care of the rest. We are here to provide you with fast and effective solutions.

Many families with a large number of members perform them in public parks or in immense fields. To ensure that valuable time is not wasted in the bathroom instead of with your family, you should definitely rent a portable toilet.

Besides that you will not have to worry about looking for one near the area, you will only have to find a trustworthy place to put it, and voila, you do not have to worry about the weather or if there is nowhere.

Comfort and Safety

Children Parties - Comfort and Safety


Well, it’s because it should be something that children will be comfortable and safe using. Look for units which they will be able to use without depending on the help of an adult.

These porta potties are sized right for small children with perhaps smaller seats, which are lower to the ground. Toilets with smaller and lower seats reduce the risks of their slipping into the toilet.

You could also consider having a step stool so that children quickly access the toilet facilities.

Safety should be top of the list. At the same time, you must find ways to keep your guests comfortable. For this reason, the portable bathroom rental service is an element that can help you especially if your party is located outdoors.

Restroom Trailers

Children Parties - Restroom Trailers

You could also consider renting restroom trailers for your child’s birthday party. They are quite like a bathroom and will make children comfortable using it.

They also come with not one, but two or more toilets in it. It means that there’s no need to rent a row of portable units.

Most of us are surely familiar with restroom trailers. These Portable Toilets are the most used in outdoor events or in construction sites to provide temporary sanitary service and one of their great advantages is that they can be easily moved.

You will notice that these portable toilets are very durable and simple to use, in addition, they offer greater comfort to users. In short, you will give a better experience to your guests.

Don’t Forget Safety

Don’t Forget Safety

Yes, like in everything else, security is paramount while selecting porta potty rental for parties. It’s especially crucial to help children in the restroom facility if there will not be many parents around.

You will need to arrange for step stools in each unit if you rent standard-sized toilets that don’t have them. It’s better to use low stools which won’t wobble or slide on the floor.

To enjoy the event without worries, the presence of an adequate number of toilets is always necessary so that they do not generate endless queues that impede the enjoyment of it.

Portable toilets do their bit to protect and care for the environment by making more effective use of water and making drinking water safer.

Toilets with Right-Sized Seats

Toilets with Right-Sized Seats

While the child-specific toilets come with small seats, not all the standard size units have them. So if you will be using standard toilets, then it’s better to look for units that come with a hinged toilet seat instead of a molded one.


It’s because it’s possible to attach standard home potty training seats to the hinged toilet seat. You thus end up with a safe perch for a child to sit on. Look for training seats that have straps for attaching to the seat and not additional child’s straps.

Preventive Floor Coatings

Preventive Floor Coatings

There is always the risk of children slipping and falling in bathrooms because they are usually in a hurry, and messy. The best way to prevent unnecessary accidents is by ensuring the portable potty has an anti-slip floor coating.

You have to be even more careful if the party is during the wet weather. There is a higher chance of their slipping when it’s wet all around. It’s then worth investing in and placing rubber mats in the units to prevent possible slippage.

If you want all children to be able to run freely without risk of falls or injuries then you must make sure that portable toilets have anti-slip floor coating.

Practice Extra Hygiene

Children Parties - Practice Extra Hygiene

You have to be especially particular with hygiene when it comes to children. They are messy and play around and forget to wash their hands when necessary.

It’s your duty to set a role model and imbibe good hygiene habits with the help of the following porta-potty accessories.

To enjoy the event without worries, the presence of an adequate number of toilets is always necessary so that they do not generate endless queues that impede the enjoyment of it.

With portable toilets you will get many benefits at a very low price. By creating an appropriate environment, with the necessary services and amenities, you will be able to prolong the participation of the attendees without dropping the mood, obtaining successful events of any kind.

The important thing is to make your guests feel relaxed by offering them a bathroom service, clean, comfortable and very close to where they are.

Paper Protectors

Paper Protectors

You need paper protectors not to protect the toilet seat, but to protect the toilet paper. There’s no point in protecting the toilet seat because there are minimal chances of the seats transmitting any germs.

Besides, paper covers on them don’t actually help much in protecting against germs! On the contrary, there’s an increased chance of children slipping on it if it slips off the seat onto the floor.

It’s however better, and hygienic if there are paper protectors on the toilet paper. It is because it prevents children from touching the entire roll with their dirty, germy hands. They can only touch the exposed part of the paper roll that they will be using, and not more.

Hand Washing Stations

Hand Washing Stations

It’s wise to also rent some hand washing stations along with your porta potty rental for parties. There are so many reasons for children to want to wash their hands.

So having hand washing stations easily accessible outside the porta-potties lets them wash their hands whenever they need to. Of course, these hand washing stations will be in addition to the sinks accompanying child-sized portable toilets.

The right porta-potty rental for children’s parties will help reduce take care of all the kids’ hand washing and business needs. It in turn will let you enjoy the party better, and spend quality time with your children!

Given our experience in the rental of portable toilets, we know very closely the advantages and facilities offered by this type of device. The most important is that its installation is very simple, since it does not need to connect to the network. Its mobility means that it can be adapted to any environment, be it works, beaches, concerts, private parties and more.

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Portable toilets have been used for almost 70 years, first for construction sites and now they have become a basic necessity for events large and small. If you are looking for units to prepare your children’s party then call us. We offer the best porta potty rental!

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We take care of the rental, maintenance and cleaning of portable toilets, VIP toilet trailers and portable sinks to supply any needs. All portable toilets are built in high-density polyethylene, which guarantees great robustness and safety. You can rest assured that your guests will feel comfortable.

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