Published: May 4, 2022

It is a well-known fact that children need to use the restroom more often than adults because of their small bladders. However, this may not be an issue at home, in malls, or in children’s parks. 

But what happens at an outdoor event with no indoor bathrooms but only portable restroom rentals? While these restrooms are nothing new to you, your children may feel uncomfortable and freak out. So you must prepare them for these restrooms, especially if your children are too young.

Here are nine ways of familiarizing your children with restroom rentals.

Talk to them about these toilets.

Children are skeptical about the changes in their routines. But if you explain to them about these portable restrooms beforehand, they will understand the concept quickly. 

So if you are going out for any outdoor activity, prepare your children about the usage, pros, and cons of these restrooms. Explain to them the absence of traditional plumbing systems and that they do not need to use the flush.

Ensure that they understand how to maintain hygiene. For example, you can use liners or toilet paper to line the toilet seat. 

Familiarize them with the bathroom beforehand 

Once you reach the event, try to familiarize the children with the bathroom rentals even before they need to use them. Show them where everything is kept and used, ask them their doubts, and explain the minute details. 

And if there is an event map available, mark the toilets for your little ones if they are going with their friends.

Supervise them

Do not leave your children unattended; there is a possibility of any mishap. So don’t take any risk, be with them whenever they need to use the portable restroom. Warn them against the wet and slippery floor. Also, ask them to limit their movements to avoid falling and getting hurt.

As the seat is difficult to navigate, help them sit on the chair and hold their hands.

Encourage your children to practice personal hygiene.

Ensure the children wash their hands properly after using portable toilets as they do after using regular toilets. If soap and water aren’t available, use sanitizer to clean their hands to prevent the spread of diseases.  

Remove all their accessories and toys.

It is common for children to carry their toys or other accessories to the toilets. And it’s common for these things to fall in the bathroom. 

Therefore, removing all the toys and accessories is a must before entering the bathroom. For example, pull their sunglasses and hats and hold their toys to prevent falling.

Stay close to them

It is wise to stay near the restroom if your child uses it for the first time. Using the bathroom might seem easy, but it may be overwhelming for a child. 

So stay outside the restroom to check if they need any assistance. Or, if your child is young, you may also go with them inside the bathroom to help them out.

Help them understand the concept of portable restroom rental.

Children are often resistant to using things that are entirely new to them. The same applies to these portable restrooms; they will be anxious and nervous while using them for the first time. As a parent, you have to help them understand the concept of these toilets and how to use them. 

This way, they will be comfortable using the portable restroom the next time they see it.

Don’t let your children play around in portable restroom rental.

Keep an eye on your little ones near the restroom rentals. While they may not need to use it, their curiosity will make them want to explore the restrooms. It may cause them to carry germs along, or they may hurt themselves while playing around. 

Therefore, you have to keep your children at a safe distance from these toilets.

Usually, the children would be accompanying you for an outdoor event. So you must make sure the children are already well versed in using the portable restroom rental. This way, both you and your child would be at ease. 

Children otherwise become very anxious at new places; they feel nervous and confused and would not let you sit in peace. So it’s better to give them a tour of these restrooms to familiarize themselves with these portable potty rentals. 

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