7 Tips for Choosing the Right Portable Hand Wash Stations

Published: August 27, 2020
Tips Choosing Portable Hand Wash Station

You have everything in place for your new shoe shop.

You have your merchandise, billing machines, furniture, and even an alarm system installed. But are you ready for the opening?

The pandemic has made everyone so obsessed with washing hands. People keep washing hands, and you will have to make arrangements for it in your store.

You may however wonder what to do because you don’t have any plumbing lines in your store.

There’s no need to worry thanks to portable hand wash stations.

Portable basins are just like its name suggests; suitable for use anywhere. They are especially useful in places where there’s no plumbing or if plumbing will be expensive.

It’s because mobile wash basins don’t need any water connections. They have both fresh and waste water tanks to take care of all your water needs.

How to select the right portable sink

There are multiple brands and types of portable hand wash stations for you to select for your shop. Most of them are aesthetically designed and will look great in your store.

However, they come in so many different materials, colors, and features, that you may need some help in selecting the right one. Here are the essential elements to consider while choosing your hand wash station.

1. Indoor or outdoor model

The first point you need to consider is if you want an indoor or outdoor unit. It’s because though portable sinks meant for the outdoors can be used indoors, but are not aesthetically pleasing.

Similarly, it’s not aesthetically right to use a mobile basin meant for indoor use outdoors. You will have to decide if you will be keeping the basin inside or outside your store, and accordingly select one.

2. Weight

Most hand wash basins are light enough to move across level surfaces. There, however, are a few heavy and bulky ones, which aren’t easy to move around.

Weight is an important feature to consider, especially if you will be moving the sink around the store.

3. Mobility

Most portable sink units have casters so that you can easily move it around. They also have a locking mechanism that keeps the unit stationary when in use.

4. Size

Portable hand washbasins come in various sizes; so choose the right sized one for your store. It’s better to look for adult-sized units because you will have more adults visiting your store.

There are models designed for children’s use, perfect for use in day-care centers, nursery schools, and schools than in stores. You can always opt for basins with multiple level sinks.

They are adjustable for kids, teenagers, and adult use. You can also always get step up stools with one or two-steps to make washing hands so much easier for children.

5. Do you want hot water?

Not all basins come with hot water options. So you next have to decide if you want portable hand wash stations with just cold water or also hot water.

If you wonder why you may need hot water it’s because hot water is better at getting rid of bacteria better than cold water.

Hand wash stations that have a hot water feature come with a logo. So look out for this logo while shopping for your hot water portable sink.

6. Number of basins

You have to decide on the number of sinks you use based on your store size. If it’s big, then you may need about two units, one at each end. However, if it’s a small and compact store, then one hand wash basin will be more than enough.

You could also buy a single unit that’s completely self-contained, and which can be easily moved around if required.

7. Additional features

If you have the budget, you can choose a more sophisticated portable hand wash basin with multiple features. There are portable sinks with electric foot-powered switches and others with motion-sensitive faucets for hands-free use. Besides, the motion-sensitive faucets are an eco-friendly feature because they use less water.

With so many visitors to your store, you will have to take additional measures at mainlining their and your employees’ safety. It’s worth getting an additional sanitizer kit to keep your portable hand washing sink both clean and hygienic.

These seven features will help you in selecting the right portable hand wash station for your shoe store. The basin in turn will sends out a valuable message to your patrons in these times.

It projects your concern for their safety, and that you encourage washing hands on your premises.

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