Published: February 15, 2022

Are you organizing an outdoor event and need portable toilets? If yes, providing proper onsite sanitation is very important for any event or project. However, the problem is that you may have a few questions in mind that need clearing before hiring one.

It’s natural because you may wonder if you need any specific permits. 

Or how many units you need for your event. 

There’s no need to worry anymore as you have all your questions answered here.

Common portable toilet rental questions 

Are permits necessary to rent portable toilets?

While most places don’t require a portable toilet rental permit or license, some exceptions exist. Sometimes your local area or homeowners’ association may have their bylaws and rules about renting porta-potties.

For example, they may have strict requirements of where you can place them and how long you can have them. Some places, for example, prevent homeowners from permanently placing portable toilets on their premises. 

And other places may let you place honey buckets anywhere you want if you station the unit a distance from easements. 

To be on the safer side, it’s always better to check if you need a permit with your local zoning rules. Even if you need a permit, there’s no need to fret. They aren’t expensive; it’s just that you need to plan them well beforehand. 

How much space will it occupy?

This question usually pops to mind if you plan to rent multiple portable toilets. You don’t have to worry much if you need only one unit as it doesn’t take up much space. You will most need to have some additional clearing space to deliver the unit to your premises on a truck.

However, you will have to make proper arrangements and planning if you plan on renting 10, 20, or more porta-potties. 

As this depends on your premises’ area and the number of units you require, your portable toilet supplier is the best person to decide how much space you need for the porta-potties. 

They will recommend how many units and areas you require based on your premises, type of event, and crowd. 

What are the portable toilet rental access requirements?

When you refer to access here, it’s because you wonder about the supplier’s delivery or pickup truck. You wonder how the truck can enter and access some parts of the property. Or you may wonder how they will be able to deliver your portable potties amidst the event crowd, ride, or stages. 

If you have a one or two-day event, then it’s enough if the truck can reach the spot where you plan to place each portable toilet rental. However, if you have a long event planned, you need to provide access to pumping trucks. 

They will have to periodically service the units to remove waste, restock the toilet paper, and hand sanitizers. 

There, however, may be a problem if you need to provide access to the honey buckets during the event. In this case, you will have to plan things out beforehand. 

Most importantly, you need to ensure the people and animals at the event remain safe even while trucks keep entering and leaving the premises. Your portable rental supplier will be able to develop an appropriate, customized plan for your event if the need arises. 

How many portable toilet rental units do I need?

There is no fixed answer to this question because it depends on three essential factors:

  1. The number of people attending the event
  2. Men to women ratio
  3. Event period

You naturally need more units for events with more people, especially women attendees, and for more extended events. And you require one unit for every 50 attendees. 

You will also have to have one ADA-compliant porta-potty, each for men and women. And if it’s a significant event, you need one ADA complaint unit for every 20 standard honey buckets. 

However, don’t worry if you can’t decide how many units you need. Your portable toilet rental provider will be able to help. And don’t forget to rent handwashing stations too. You will need one unit for four portable restrooms.

What should I look for in a portable toilet rental?

There are a few things to look out for before hiring porta potties like:

  • Check to ensure they are clean and sanitized. 
  • Ensure that the porta potty company should offer impeccable and keep the honey buckets sanitized. This is especially important if you are planning a long event. 

Now that your five questions have been answered, you now need to find the right portable toilet rental company to rent your honey buckets.

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